Love Coupons Help Get Sexy on Valentine’s Day

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love couponsWho Else Wants to Melt Their Lovers Heart… or Get a Little Frisky?

Love is in the heart. Remind your sweetheart how much you appreciate them, care for them, like them and love them with love coupons and a sizzling hot love letter that tugs at their heart and tingles their private parts.

Simply download the PDF now, then print on card stock or glossy photo stock and trim. Then fill-in a few blanks and insert your love coupons in your greeting card envelope.


You get…

  • 10 exquisite love coupons to spice up your love life
  • FREE BONUS #1: 17 romantic ideas to ignite your mutual love, and
  • FREE BONUS #2: 5 sample romantic love letters, including a blank template to print unlimited copies to write your own letter anytime


Your Love Coupons Look Like This…

Print Size: 6.5″ x 3.5″

( is not printed on the actual coupons)

love coupons


You Get These 10 Exciting Love Coupons…

  • one hour of cuddling
  • a 15 minute back massage
  • breakfast in bed
  • a bubble bath for two
  • an erotic massage
  • a foot massage
  • one kiss anywhere
  • a strip tease
  • 15 minutes of ________ (fill in the blank), and
  • a blank coupon to print unlimited coupons and write anything, anytime
  • plus you get many more ideas to write on the blank coupon

Plus the FREE Bonuses!


Don’t Leave Your Sweetheart Wondering How You Feel

Express yourself!

love coupon

(instant PDF download)

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