Who Else Wants a Work at Home Job?

You Can Make Real Income Without Leaving Your Home


Let’s face it. In this economy, staying financially ahead is tough! The average person is getting squeezed more than ever. Adjusted for inflation, over the past couple decades the average real income has greatly declined while the real expenses are vastly higher. That spells trouble for most people.

Now it seems almost everyone needs a second or even third income just to pay bills and save a small amount of money for an emergency fund.

But the net income from another job is often not worth the effort due to additional expenses like more gas to another job, extra wear and tear on your car, eating dinner out before driving to your second job and of course the lovely marginal income tax. That’s why working a job at home makes sense.

Whether you’re seeking work at home to save time and money, to be your own boss or to be home with your loved ones, this quick little book can help you.

You will find answers to the most common questions people ask regarding working a job at home like…

  • Work at Home Self Evaluation
  • Getting Organized to Work at Home
  • Make Your Cover Letter Sizzle – Get That Job
  • Managing Stress While Working at Home, and
  • Work At Home Tax Deductions Revealed

Plus I include 217 companies paying up to $22 per hour working at home.

Some of these jobs are standard employee jobs with benefits, some are freelance jobs and some are independent contractor jobs. They’re easy to find because they’re grouped in these categories:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Customer Service and Sales
  • Bilingual Work at Home
  • Computer IT & Technical Support
  • Data Entry & Clerical
  • Editing
  • ESL Tutoring
  • Hospitality
  • Nursing
  • Online Jurors
  • Paid Per Task
  • Public Relations
  • Teaching & Tutoring
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Web Search Evaluator
  • Web Site Tester
  • Writing

The things all these jobs have in common are…

  • no commute and no crazy drivers
  • no extra car expenses
  • flexible hours
  • stay home with your loved ones, and
  • extra income without extra expenses.

In conclusion, I believe this book can help transform your financial life. Imagine where you want to be and use this information to help you arrive. Now let’s get started…

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