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Here’s the Lead Magnet Optin Box

shingles and herpes cured in 1969 - then canceled!


Here’s the Lead Magnet

shingles & herpes virus gone

Discover the substance that has been proven scientifically to kill the shingles and herpes viruses, how it works, the proper dosage, drug interactions and where to get it without a prescription.

Plus find out the Big Pharma scientist who tested and proved a cure for Shingles & Herpes in 1969only to have his bosses cancel the project!

This Lead Magnet is a short, 10-page, professionally written Special Report designed to evoke emotion in the reader and have him or her take action.

But that’s not all! Send the FREE BONUS of 5 additional Follow Up Articles to help build trust and increase your income. Just add your product link for easy, automated income.


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