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How much would you pay for something that could generate an extra income of up to $800 per month, $1500 per month, even $3500 per month or more just placing simple free or affordable ads and content marketing? $500?





Who Else Wants
Simple & Automated Extra Income?

Introducing the DONE FOR YOU Cat Lovers Funnel


What We Built For You

  • A Cat Lovers Newsletter landing page to persuade people to join your free list
  • Added all the “behind-the-scenes” email software to make it run smoothly
  • Inserted your initial 12 professionally-written cat articles to hold their interest and continue reading
  • Added article links so your reader clicks it and can buy a product that pays you commission
  • Wrote sample ads for you to post so cat lovers will go to your landing page


automated incomeHow You Get Automated Income

  • Download and use our simple 4-step installation on WordPress (anyone can do it – even Grandma!)
  • Edit the affiliate ID’s, email addresses and login
  • Post free or economical ads and content online or offline
  • That’s It!


Imagine What You Will Do With Your Extra Income…

  • Pay off some bills
  • Get a new car
  • Invest your easy-earned money
  • Take a fantastic dream vacation
  • Buy more ads to increase your income
  • All of the above


Whatever Your Choice, Life is Always Easier With Extra Cashflow, Isn’t it?

Here’s the Top Portion of Your Landing Page

NOTE: Since we chose WordPress for the platform, you can edit anything you want.


Your Cat Lovers Funnel Includes…

  • Built-in FREE autoresponder with NO Monthly Fees (this is NOT autoresponder integration. it’s a REAL, FREE autoresponder!)
  • LOADED autoresponder with 12 follow up cat lovers newsletter articles linked to Clickbank products
  • Easy to edit affiliate ID’s without editing each article – just follow instruction manual
  • Simple installation: if you can install WordPress and one plugin, you can install this funnel. If not, contact us.
  • Statistics you want and need: landing page traffic, email open rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate
  • Built-in top notch web site security from hackers and curiosity seekers
  • A topic that’s always in demand
  • 100% mobile friendly
  • Follow up marketing tips by email

How You Make Money…

  • $18 to $29 per Clickbank automated sale over and over again from links in loaded newsletter articles
  • Only 9 automated sales per week is about $1,000 per month extra income
  • Insert cat product reviews with Amazon affiliate links for more income
  • Add direct cat products or cat dropship products for more income
  • Get paid twice per month from Clickbank
  • Get paid once per month from Amazon
  • Get paid instantly from your direct sales


Imagine generating an extra income of up to $800 per month, $1500 per month, even $3500 per month or more just posting online and the automated system does the rest of the work.

Simple. Automated. Extra Income.

That’s what you want, right?

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