New Thoughts on the Teachings of Jesus

new thoughts on the teachings of jesus

Were Jesus’ Real Teachings Lost in Translation?

Jesus and his followers spoke Aramaic. The Bible was written in Aramaic. Then translated to Hebrew and Greek; then translated to English; then edited by King James and his translation committee. Are there any real experts?

Yes, leading Biblical scholars working from the original Aramaic texts across the world translated much of the original teachings of Jesus and his followers messages directly to English. It’s a huge difference from what we accept as the Gospel.

new thoughts on the teachings of JesusGratefully, Ernest Holmes thoroughly researched Jesus’ life and teachings with multiple scholars and shared what is believed to be the true messages of Jesus.

His book, New Thoughts on the Teachings of Jesus, is the result of Ernest Holmes’ years of studying the teachings of Jesus from multiple scholars and points of view. It is thought to be the true essence of Jesus’ messages.

Please read it and decide for yourself.

Checkout The Lord’s Prayer from Aramaic DIRECT to English… CONTINUE HERE…


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