Become a Millionaire With Hypnosis?

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Many people state that they have used self hypnosis to create a life of bliss and harmony. There are some of claim to have manifested a million dollars or more through the use of self hypnosis.

Still even more say they used self hypnosis to attract a new mate, get a new job, a promotion and even improve their health. So what is the truth about self hypnosis? Is it possible that you can use it to get what you want?

Let’s take the example of someone who claims to have used self hypnosis to become a millionaire. Let’s assume they are honest and trustworthy and they indeed became wealthy after listening to self hypnosis. So how did they do it?

First of all they carefully selected a self hypnosis product that addressed their needs – to make more money and achieve financial independence. They then listened to their self hypnosis session everyday and followed the advice given on it. But how did the self hypnosis work? Did the subconscious mind produce money from the ether just from receiving some carefully worded post hypnotic instructions?

I doubt it! Ok then, what did listening to the self hypnosis recording really do?

Before we go into what self hypnosis can and can’t do we must examine the difference between a millionaire and a normal hard working person.

There are numerous resources that tell us the difference between how the wealthy view money compared to the rest of us. They look at money as a reflection of what they feel they are worth and they view money as being part of their core work-force. They make money work for them whereas the majority of ‘ordinary’ people work for their money.

Millionaires have many different views about how life works, what problems are and how money is viewed. This is what makes them millionaires. How many times has Donald Trump been bankrupt? Yet he always bounces back! He expects to make money again and does what it takes to bring that expectation into reality.

The only difference between a millionaire and a working person is how they act and what they do.

Now action alone is not enough. For if action and work were enough to make you rich a road sweeper or garbage collector would be worth millions! To make a million you must perform the actions that lead to a million! The actions that you take are highly influenced by how you feel and think. The good news is, your thoughts and emotions can be changed.

Self hypnosis is not a magic bullet that creates the life of your dreams just by listening to a hypnotic session. The truth is self hypnosis is not magic. It will not make your dreams appear from nowhere.

Self hypnosis merely allows you to replace negative habits, thought patterns, beliefs and emotions with positive ones. Self hypnosis can also create new habits, new ways of thinking and instill new beliefs into your mind that make you act in different ways. This is the key to self hypnosis and its ability to help you manifest your dreams.

Self hypnosis only changes you in ways that you decide.

By altering your core characteristics to mirror those of a millionaire, through a carefully chosen self hypnosis product, you start to think like a millionaire – and here is the money-shot – you start to act like a millionaire! When you start to act like a millionaire you will start to get the same results as a millionaire.

This use of self hypnosis applies to anything in life whether it be getting a better job, creating greater communication and family harmony or even attracting your perfect partner. Self hypnosis allows you to form new beliefs, habits, emotions and thoughts that reflect the type of person who already has the things you want.

If you use self hypnosis to mirror a person who has already achieved the success you wish for then you too will receive the same level of success. How far you go and how much you attain is really up to you.

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