Affiliate Funnel Checklist

affiliate marketing funnel

You can quickly and easily put together a simple affiliate funnel that will continue to bring in sales with as little as 30 minutes of work a day.

Build a list of 200 and put it on auto-pilot.

You will need:

  • Promotional Product – Niche specific
  • Squeeze Page – Auto-Responder – Thank You Page
  • Pre-Written Email Series
  • Special Deal Offer Email Series
  • Second Pre-Written Email Series

Choose your promotional product to co-relate with the products you will promote in your pre-written email series.

Example: If you are giving away a Low-fat Recipe Guide, the products that you promote should also be in the weight-loss niche.

Your special Deal Offer should be a series of 5-7 emails promoting for a limited time offer or a deal with a special bonus.

Finish your funnel with a second pre-written email series for another related product.

When your list reaches 200-250, you will be able to ask other marketers to swap emails with you and that is when your business will begin to run on auto-pilot.

Each email swap will allow you to offer new content to your list even as it adds new members to your funnel.

Visitors -> Offer = Sales

Build a relationship with your list by only offering quality products and services.

Run a clean list, be prompt with unsubscribes.

As a business model, it is simple, keep the visitors coming and sales are the inevitable result. Have the funnel in place before you begin sending traffic, this one step starts the sales process simultaneous with the list building.

Article Source: EzineArticles

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